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Bluzone CMS (Proximity5) allows customers to manage, design, and execute mobile marketing and beacon technology programs using Google Nearby Notifications.  Nearby notifications do not require an native app and deliver content directly into your Android phone using Google Play Services.   This feature requires you to have a Google Account with access to your Beacon Registry and the Nearby feature enable within your CMS account.  Please follow the steps below to enable Nearby on your account.

Step 1: Get a Google Account

To use the CMS Nearby features , you need a Google Account. If you already have an account, then you're all set. 

Step 2: Select of Create Project in Google Developer Console

The CMS requires you have access to Google Nearby Beacon Registry.  This registry is assigned to a Google Project.  Select or Create a new Google developer project at

Create Project

Step 3: Enable Proximity Beacon API

Nearby requires a Google project with the "Proximity Beacon API" enabled.  Visit the "Library" section within your Google project and search for "Proximity Beacon API" and click it.  Next, you will be presented with an option to enable the Proximity Beacon API.  Select "enable" and continue to next step.

Search Library


Enable API

Step 4: Create Service Account

Our CMS requires service level access to your Beacon Registry.  This requires you visit the "Credentials" section within your Google Project and create a new "Service" credentials and download it in JSON format.

Step 5: Upload JSON file to CMS

To use the CMS Nearby features , you need to upload your JSON credentials into the CMS within the "Manage Account" section.  The "Manage Account" button is located within the "My Account" section of your account.  Once you have accessed the management features section, you will be presented with the option to configure your "Google API Credentials."  Click the configure button and upload your service credentials JSON file downloaded from the Google Developer console.  (WARNING - This feature requires Bluvision to grant access to Nearby Feature)

My Account Page

Manage Account


Step 6: Register Beacon

Nearby requires you upload your Eddystone-UID beacon in the CMS System.  Create a new beacon profile with the Eddystone-UID and click save.  Next, your will be provided with an option to register your beacon for Nearby.  Click the red register button to Register that beacon for use in Nearby.  

Beacon Profile

Nearby Register Confirmation

Nearby Ready

Step 7: Build Your First Campaign!!!

This final step is to access the "Campaigns" create a Nearby Campaign!! 

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