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Bluzone CMS - Index


BluVision’s complete Bluzone CMS (formerly known as Proximity5) allows customers to manage, design, and execute mobile marketing and beacon technology programs across large-scale beacon fleets. Bluvision CMS has the ability to utilize beacon proximity events to trigger the delivery of mobile optimized content to mobile devices on iOS and Android.  Bluzone CMS supports iBeacon, Eddystone-URL, and Eddystone-UID beacon frameworks. Content can be in the form of basic notifications, URLs, videos, mobile offers, and custom HTML5 based templates. All mobile content can be edited in within Bluvision’s CMS portal located at  

Our mobile “Layouts” feature provides you with the ability to create customized mobile pages that can be delivered to nativre application web views or mobile broswers such as Safari and Chrome. Our templates utilize Bluvision presentation layer tags and HTML5 markup. We also provide WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editors within out platform to enable quick content editing. Bluvision CMS’s proximity events allow you to assign specific content to 1 to Many beacons. Proximity events trigger delivery based upon device’s proximity to BLE beacons (Example: Far, Near, Immediate). Our platform can deliver specific messages based on when a beacon compatible mobile device “enters” or “exits” and a beacon’s proximity. We also provide time of day, day of week scheduling. Beacons can be assigned tags (Example: signage, pos) These tags can be used to bulk assign beacons to specific proximity events that deliver targeted content. Individual beacons can also be assigned to specific proximity events using UUID, Major, and Minor elements. Core Features Bluvision’s CMS provides you the tools to quickly create mobile user experiences that meet your style guide, band guidelines, and user experiences needs. Content can be quickly created using our standard out-of-the-box HTML5 based templates or with custom/user defined layouts. Layouts are used to setup and define your mobile content templates within our platform. The layouts contain HTML markup and Bluvision based tags to inject content elements such as “mobile-profile data (name, email, custom data, CRM data), media (images, video), offer codes, and content lists. Layouts can be defined globally, shared across mobile apps, or within a specific native application. CMS users can upload media, file, and other assets to create layouts. Once layouts are generated, a user can select “create content” within our online portal a select to create a notification, web view, video, or offer. HTML web views and offers allow users to select specific layouts to meet design guidelines. Advanced Options You can also choose to totally customize the presentation layer and notifications within your mobile application. This will bypass all layouts, notifications, and all auto generated content within the mobile application. If notifications are disabled, our SDK will return a JSON based payload with content information. A developer can choose to create all presentation layer elements within the mobile app itself using JSON payload or call our REST api for more content attributes. Bluvision provides both the ability to utilize its own CMS or / and integrate with an external CMS.



BluVision SDK uses the Apache License Version 2.0

Apache 2.0 License
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